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Cloud Harbor - Thoroughbred Mare - Retired Racehorse - Broodmare - Arlington Park
Cloud Harbor - Thoroughbred Racehorse - Churchill Downs - Retired Racehorse - Broodmare
Cloud Harbor - Thoroughbred Racehorse - Now Retired and enjoying life as a broodmare. This picture is Cloud winning a race at Arlington Park Racecourse in Arlington Heights Illinois.
Cloud Harbor breaking her maiden at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.
Later Tonight  - Thoroughbred Filly - Holy Vows by Holy Bull - Future Racehorse
Later Tonight  - Thoroughbred Filly - Future Racehorse
Cloud Harbor's first baby with her father Holy Vows who is by Holy Bull out of a Halo daughter Final Vows. This is a baby picture (2005), she is now 2 and just jogged around the racetrack for the first time the other day. 2005 Foal
Later Tonight as a baby - Thoroughbred Filly
2005 Foal
Cloud Harbor - Thoroughbred Mare - Retired Racehorse - Broodmare
Cloud Harbor - Thoroughbred Mare - Thoroughbred 07 Colt-  Retired Racehorse - Broodmare and colt
Cloud Harbor out of Cloud One by Gold Springs - Thoroughbred Mare
Cloud Harbor and 2007 Colt by Regal Code
2007 Photos 2009 Photos
Thoroughbred Colt - Future Racehorse
Thoroughbred Colt - Future Racehorse
2007 Thoroughbred Colt out of Cloud Harbor by Regal Code. 2007 Colt
2007 Thoroughbred Colt out of Cloud Harbor
by Regal Code. 2007 Colt

Thoroughbred Colt - Thoroughbred Mare - Future Racehorse

Isn't this the cutest picture of Cloud and her baby? As you can see Cloud is bay with a tiny bit of white on a back foot. Her first baby was red (father bay). Now her second foal is red, has a white blaze and 3 white socks. His father is dark bay or brown with a tiny bit of white on a back leg. Where does all this red and white come from???? Monte M - 2007 Colt

Sadie Hawkins - A circuit hunters - Retired Show Horse
Sadie Hawkins - A circuit hunters - Retired Show Horse
This is Sadie Hawkins, she was my children's and junior hunter in her younger years. I won many championships with her. She had been enjoying the life of retirement out at the farm. She got turned out everyday and gos treated like the Queen that she wass!! Sadly we had to put Sadie to sleep 10/23/08. She is now in horsey heaven.
Ok so this isn't the best picture of Sadie but she was out sleeping in her paddock when I took it. The rest of the time she was trying to eat the camera. She thinks everything is a treat!
Some of Our Past Horses

Marsha Marsha Marsha - Thoroughbred mare - A circuit hunters - Retired Racehorse

All That Jazz - Thoroughbred Gelding - A circuit hunters
Marsha Marsha Marsha - Thoroughbred mare. She did not like the track to much, but has now gone on to a new career as a show hunter and loves it. She moves and jumps a ten! She has many championships in the children's hunters with her new owner! They are now doing the 3'6 hunters with her and from what I hear she is doing pretty well. We always try our best to find out retired racehorses a good home after their time at the track!
This was the old man. His name wass All That Jazz and showed for many years in the A circuit hunters. He then retired and came to live with me. He had the best canter ever!! You could canter him all day. Sadly Jazz had to be put to sleep in 2008. He is now in horsey heaven with his old girlfriend Sadie.

Kenneth - Thoroughbred Gelding - Arlington Park

Kenneth - Thoroughbred Gelding - Kenneth went to knew owners that where going to run him a few times out east and then bring him back to retire him in Illinois at our farm. They ran him more than a few times and then sold him to another trainer that ran him as well. I think the last time he ran was 2005 or 2006 he would have been about 12 or 13 then. He last ran in Ohio. I am hoping he ended up retired in a good home. If anyone happens to know where he is drop me an email please and let us me know. He was a great horse and I would love to know where he ended up!!! I tried a bunch of times to contact his trainer to say I would take him back for retirement but I was never able to get a hold of his trainer/owner. Shown winning at Arlington Park.

Fortunes of Gold - Thoroughbred Gelding - Hawthorne Racecourse

Fortunes of Gold - Thoroughbred Gelding. He was my first winner - Hawthorne Racecourse. We claimed him and then when we ran him back he won and was claimed from us. We tried to claim him back a couple of times but we where one of many so we never did get him back. I haven't seen him entered to run in years so again I hope that he went to a good home and is having a happy retirement from racing!

More horses at the farm (not mine but I treat them as if they where)
Appendix Quarter horse - Hunters and Jumpers
Its All Ear Say - Thoroughbred gelding - Future Racehorse
Bandit - He is a Appendix Quarter horse and the life of the party. He tried to be a racehorse but just did not like it to much. So now he is trying his hoof in the Hunters and Jumpers. He can jump a house! He is the biggest character!! He will stick his noise in his fan so it makes all kinds of noise just so you come see him!
Its All Ear Say - Thoroughbred gelding. In the picture he was a foal but now he is 3. He is out of a Known Fact daughter and by Holy Vows
( by Holy Bull). 2004 Foal
John Said - Thoroughbred Gelding - Future Racehorse
John Said - Thoroughbred Gelding - Future Racehorse
This is "John Said" - Thoroughbred Gelding by Regal Code out of a Known Fact mare. These are pictures from last year when he was a baby. He is now a yearling and getting taller everyday.
2006 Foal

John Said - Thoroughbred Gelding. 2006 Foal

Pokey the barn pony - Shetland Pony

This is Pokey the barn pony. He is a shetland (can't you tell?) He is the best little pony. He baby sits all of our foals when they get weaned from their moms. He puts up with a lot of @#@#@! God only knows how old he is but I would guess in his thirties.

Dogs (can't forget the dogs!!!!!)
Maddie and Mia -  Welsh Corgis
Barn Dog
Maddie and Mia - Home/Office dogs - Welsh Corgis

Bug - Barn Dog - Black Lab

Barn Dogs
Bug & Molly - Barn Dogs - Molly is no longer with us......she was the best little barn dog!!!!!!!!
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